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HocusLocus, LLC is a life sciense-based startup company that aims to exploit post-transcriptional regulation of RNA.  A great deal of effort in biology has been focused on DNA and its various applications.  We believe that RNA has as much or more utility to create products and transform research and affect human health.  We are interested in all RNA-based regulatory products and functions including miRNA and miRNA inhibitors, RNA interference (siRNA or RNAi), long non-coding RNAs, and an endogenous novel regulatory mechanism we believed we have discovered.

That technology, termed structurally interacting RNA (sxRNA), was originally described by the Tenenbaum Lab at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Broadly speaking, sxRNA provides a method to make a message “switchable”, where we can control the functionality of the RNA-RBP complex as a result of a trans-interaction with a miRNA.  We are using this mechanism both to control translation of an mRNA in order to selectively express protein in specific cell types, and to create a new class of miRNA inhibitors which can potentially be used as therapeutics.