HocusLocus, LLC is a startup company which was spun out of SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) by The Tenenbaum Lab.  We also have a relationship with the Austrian Center for Industrial Biotechnology.

Tenenbaum Lab:  The Tenenbaum Lab’s research has included investigating the biological consequences of miRNA-RBP interactions, the use of mRNA and miRNA in cell line development, a potential new approach to miRNA inhibition, and development of novel mRNA-based anti-virals.  When it became apparent that the “junk” in the genome was actually being transcribed into RNA, many researchers assumed that it was just “noise in the system”. The realization that some of this “noise” seemed to preferentially associate with certain RBP bound mRNAs led to many discussions in the Tenenbaum lab. One of these discussions focused on how some of the non-coding RNAs might be affecting the interaction of RBPs with certain messenger RNAs. The simplest model was a ncRNA base pairing in a manner that would prevent the formation of a structurally based RBP binding site. Additional interactions were hypothesized, and termed sxRNA for “structurally interacting RNA”. Soon afterward came the realization that these interactions, if real, might be manipulated for therapeutic outcomes. Originally envisioned as a bioinformatics software company, Hocus Locus instead grew out of the Tenenbaum Lab as a means to commercialize the engineering of these novel sxRNA interactions.

ACIB:  The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology is a non-profit research centre whose major aim is the accomplishment of scientific research in the field of industrial biotechnology and related fields with over 150 international partnerships between universities and leading companies. Additionally, acib is active in education and gathering, transferring and distributing scientific information. Scientific results are transferred to academia and industry.

HocusLocus has received funding from multiple sources, including the Eastern New York Angels (ENYA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Science Foundation, the SUNY Research Foundation, and the University at Albany.